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Making innovative medical products is one thing, but selling them is another, and that’s where Ikopharm AG comes in. The company provides outsourced sales and marketing services as well as further value added services to innovative biotech companies and manufacturers who want to expand rapidly by emerging the new markets. Ikopharm AG works to win optimal placement of clients’ products throughout the Middle East, Europe & China, by offering a unique business model for smaller biotech companies, serving as a single point of contact.

Our focus is on

  • Cancer Diagnostics
  • Infectious Diseases Diagnostics
  • In Vitro DNA Fragmentation Diagnostics
  • Cardiovascular Diseases Diagnostics
  • Allergy Diagnostics

Early detection of diseases saves lives and reduces cost of the healthcare system

Ikopharm AG

Grundstrasse 14, CH-6343 Rotkreuz/Zug, Switzerland

E-Mail: info@ikopharm.com

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